Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Siam Paragon: Ocean World: Glass Bottom Boat, 5D Cinema Extreme, Feeding Show

As our combo ticket does include Glass Bottom Boat and 5D Cinema Extreme so surely we will take time to experience them. The normal price for 5D Cinema Extreme is 250 Baht while Glass Bottom Boat is 150 Baht.

Before experience them, we will catch for feeding show first as the time was match with our visit time. You will see some animals has feeding time board that near with them to easily for you to know what time will be the next feeding time.

Otter Feeding (Showtimes 11:30 & 15:30)

During our visit, we had seen many people gather around then we went to have a close view and knew that it’s time for otter feeding. Two little cute otters were needed to do some tasks before be giving food such as take the ball after the staff throw it away.

As the time that we went was World Cup Fever so Siam Ocean World has prediction from otter. It has 2 flags for otter to choose. Lastly, otter choose for Germany. Germany was the winner for the World Cup 2014. Can I say otter is so clever and smart? Haha..

Penguin Feeding (Showtimes 12:30 & 16:30)

Those penguins were so cute and they swim so fast in the water.

Near with these penguins has a machine for you to hear the voice of penguin by click it. It was so fun.

During feeding time, you are allowed to ask any questions to the staff. The staff who feed the penguin will answer your question; he will answer in Thai and will be translate by another staff to English.

Shark Feeding Show (Showtimes 13:00 & 16:00)

During the shark feeding, the staff will dive into the water and give some food to shark. For those sharks whose already ate before, the staff will not feed them again. The staff was so awesome that recognize which shark they had been feed before.

During shark feeding, it will have one staff explain for you what happened during feeding in English.

I so impress with these staffs who are brave to feed the shark as they did not worry that shark may having them as food *Clapped Hand*

Glass Bottom Boat

When we want to take glass bottom boat, it did not have anybody queue up so we are the first 4 people. The staff will give you a safety cloth to put on while waiting other people comes down from the boat.

You can buy some food for the shark and its friends with only 100 Baht. We did not buy it as we just want to enjoy it.

Through the glass at the bottom of the boat, we can have a close view with the fish, sharks and many more. We were having same boat with three Indian people.

The staff on the boat pulls the string that around the area to make the boat moving. While on the boat, you can ask any questions to the staff and she will explain to you. They can speak well in English so that will not have any communication barriers.

Actually the sea animals that you see through the glass bottom boat are the same with you see at the tunnel. During the glass bottom boat, sometimes you will see “human fish”. The “human fish” is the person who watching the fish at tunnel there. Haha..

5D Cinema Extreme

I did not watch 3D show before and in this trip, I had tried for 5D show, indirectly up for some grades. Haha..As this was my first time to see 5D show which also need to wear 3D glasses, my friend had told me that I can direct wear the 3D glasses on my current glasses there.

This 5D movie that we watched was an animation that about protect the sea. During the animation, some gas will release out, seat will move like someone hit your butt and others. 

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