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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Siam Center: Food Republic


Getting Here:

SkyTrain BTS to Siam Station

Food Republic is a food court chain run by the Bread Talk Group based in Singapore. The concept combines local hawker fare with mini restaurants in an open dining concept. There have 3 branches in Bangkok which located on 6th floor of Central Plaza Grand Rama IX, Mega Bangna and 4th Floor of Siam Center.

07 July 2014 (Monday)

sky bridge
Before we went to Siam Discovery for Madame Tussauds, we went to Siam Center to search for breakfast. We did not take SkyTrain BTS to reach Siam mall while we walked to there from The Berkeley Hotel. We just walked straight with the sky bridge as it is very convenience compare walk on the road. From the hotel to the Mo Chit Station (nearest BTS Station from The Berkeley Hotel), you will see a sky bridge which will lead you to the BTS Station or the destination that you want.

Mr.Jones Orphanage in Siam Center
In Siam Center
Siam Center is one of the shopping mall in Bangkok. It is near with other Siam mall such as Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and Siam Square. Inside of this mall has the most famous café which is Mr. Jones Orphanage but we did not go there to enjoy the dessert.

Cash Card

Food Republic accepts Cash Card only, no cash accepted so you need to go to counter to get a Cash Card. The concept of Cash Card was example you can purchase 200 Baht of Cash Card and your Cash Card will have 190 Baht in value that you can use to purchase your meal plus 10 Baht deposit. After your meal, you can go to counter to ask for refundable. Then the cashier will refund to you the remaining value in your card as well as your deposit.  It means that you need to estimate the Cash Card value that you want to purchase to avoid insufficient that need to top-up. The amounts in card are valid for 90 days from last purchase or top-up date.

As few days in Bangkok, almost every day will eat heavy meal like Tom Yam so at here I choose for light meal.  I went to Yoo Fish Ball to buy fish ball noodle that cost me 60 Baht. Before this, I had purchased 100 Baht Cash Card so after purchased fish ball noodle, the receipt will show that my balance will be 30 Baht (90 Baht minus with 60 Baht) and include 10 Baht deposit.

When wrote for this post, I had online search for Yoo Fish Ball and seeing that it has many best recommendation via online. While my dining experience with Yoo Fish Ball was so-so as the portion that given was small.

Fish ball noodle

Except me, all of my friends still look for some Tom Yam as their breakfast such as rice and noodle that looks more attractive compare with my meal (of course look attractive and delicious compare with mine as I ate for super light soup noodle..haha).

The area in Food Republic is big and comfortable. In there has many stalls for you to choose so you will not need to worry the choice of food will be limited and you just need to headache about what food you would like to try.

Food Republic
FL 4 Food Factory 407
Siam Center, Bangkok,
Opening Hours: 10.00-21.00 hours

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