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Monday, 23 March 2015

2015-02 Favorite Postcards Received

In this month, I had received a postcard from Postcrossing but not for me, for Azlan. Now I just knew another one of Labuan postcrosser. 

Usually I will receive a postcard through Postcrossing. This month, I had received a letter from Portugal with few pictures. Through letter, I knew more about her and Portugal.

This postcard has animals’ memo which you can stick on your book. The memo is so cute that I just keep it and reluctant to use. Hehe..


This postcard is about the conflicts and cures of food. The table of food which conflicts with each other that could cause poisoning. According to Oriental Medicine, some food may have conflicts with another food when they mixed and consumed together which will get sick.

As this year is goat year so many postcard will feature goat like this postcard which have 2 goats that made from glass with name of joyful glass.

This is an illustration of Stanley Military Cemetary in Hong Kong. At the back of postcard has a QR Code which you scan it through your phone, it will tell you more about Stanley such as its history, how to go there and so on. It is a great information.

This goat postcard is so beautiful. Hernzn is so talent as paper cutting goat on postcard is not easily to be cut. She told me that Goat in Spanish is “Cabra”. 

I think more of you will know who he is. He is Charlie Chaplin whose was an English comic actor and filmmaker who rose to fame in the silent film era. To know more about he can click here to read it.

If you see properly, you can find many smiles in your life. On this postcard has a building which has a smile face. Do you see it?

This is the picture for Rooster of Barcelos which is one of the most common emblems of Portugal. To read about the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos, you can click here to know more.

 This postcard shows the pictures of hand drawing of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I found out that many buildings in Russia are so beautiful such as this postcard which is The Kazan Cathedral, the Historical Museum and the Nikolskaya Tower.

Samovars were used in the past for drinking tea and eat Russian baranky. Based on Wikipedia, Samovar is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in Russia. Since the heated water is typically used to make tea, many samovars have a ring-shaped attachment around chimney to hold and heat a teapot filled with tea concentrate.

This postcard is about pole people which are a mystery; a high-energy Cirque du Soleil production combines jaw-dropping acrobatics, dramatic dance and inspired imagery. Ashh had gone to Las Vegas to see this circus. Hope I have chance to see circus in future as I did not see it before.  

Beside through TV, this was my first time to see a closer look of tiger on postcard.

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