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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Terminal 21: Stickhouse

Stickhouse is a company that produce Italian gelato ice-cream on a stick. Its gelato on a stick claim that has all the taste and freshness of handcrafted gelato with 100% guaranteed genuine quality without preservations, colorings and synthesis flavors.

Malaysia also has Stickhouse but you should try the ice-cream from Stickhouse Thailand as some of the flavor of ice-cream that you cannot find in Malaysia.

This video is about the daily “Handcrafted” pop- Gelato on a stick production. Through the video, we will know how the production of ice-cream stick.

06 July 2014 (Sunday)

When walked and took pictures in Terminal 21, we had spotted Stickhouse at there. Before this, I had read online that the Stickhouse in Bangkok has ice-cream that with World Cup themes so we brought some ice-creams for try.

The ice-cream in Stickhouse was so many choices that I did not know which to choose. All seems so delicious.

One of my friends choose for Germany theme ice-cream as he was fans for Germany team in World Cup. The Germany theme ice-cream comes with 3 colors that have 3 flavors which are Chocolate, Roselle and mango taste. My friends said the mango flavor was so sour.

I choose for Mango Sticky Rice ice-cream as I was missing with Mango Sticky Rice in Krabi. This ice-cream costs me 109 Baht. When eat for this ice-cream, I can feel the sticky rice in this ice-cream too. It is so delicious.

Stickhouse Thailand
Ground Floor at Siam Paragon
4th Floor at Terminal 21
Website: Stickhouse

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