Monday, 16 March 2015

Chap Goh Mei 2015

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In this year, same as before that I had visited 2 stations’ decorations and I was quite disappointed when saw the decoration for Station 2 because it did not have any goat related decoration so I start to post about decoration in Station 2 first.

Station 2

As usual, you can see many things for worship such as beans, sweets, duck, chicken, pig and so on.

At this station, you can see some stalls selling food and drinks.

Besides that, at this station seem has more Chinese New Year feel as it had played CNY songs.

Station 1 

This station also has many things for worship such as fruits, jelly, beans, cake, chicken, 

The most outstanding at this station will be this big goat. It was so cute. Meh…

Do you know that it made from popcorn and beans? Let take a closer view. It was so creative.

The Astro’s Chinese New Year mascots also can be seen on the cake. 

You can spotted many cakes has goat. 

This cake has cute Fortune Gods.…come Do you see he has one gold teeth..Hehe..

This is simple yellow goat picture’s cake.

This cake looks beautiful. I just wonder that is it printed on the cake?

On the tray have many colorful jellies with real coins.

This koi fish jelly is so beautiful with a peach.

This is big koi jelly. It looks real right?

This is gold bullion jelly. 

This is 3D goats’ cake. Once again, the cake looks so cute!!

This is flower patterns of red goat cake. Red color is Chinese favorite color.

I think this goat’s picture was printed on cake. The plum flowers as the decorations on cake.

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