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Friday, 20 March 2015

Siam Discovery: Madame Tussauds: Interactive Media, Souvenir Shop & Souvenir Coin

Interactive Media

In Madame Tussauds also has some interactive media to play with. When take picture with soccer stars, it has a corner for you to play soccer by kick the ball to the goal.

When at Bruce Lee there has a fighting game that we just knew it after seeing people play with. It was fun that you just need to fight with that fat guy visually not in real. It means that when he kicks you, you will not feel pain. That’s good! You just need to look at the screen and start fighting.

Photo Session

During visit, you will see a staff near with a camera and you can ask them to help you take a photo with some stars like President Obama with his wife, Spiderman, Wolfman and Indian star. After the staff help you to take photo, he or she will give you a voucher. Then after visit, you can go to photo counter to show them the voucher and they will open the photo base on the number on voucher for you to choose and purchase the photo if you want.

As my ticket included a free photo so I just need to show them the ticket with voucher and choose the photo for free. I only took picture with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama so I only can choose that photo. During wait for the photo to be ready, we went to souvenir shop to take a look.

Souvenir Shop

In souvenir shop, you can purchase some souvenir for you to bring home.

The souvenir that in this shop has many types such as photo frame, keychain, postcard, toys, fridge magnet, T-shirt and so on.

Souvenir Coin

Before this, I always seeing many people do a souvenir coin during travel so at here I also had seen a souvenir coin machine so I made one for my souvenir.

To get a souvenir coin, I need to prepare 30 Baht. In this machine have 3 designs for you to choose for. Below is the step to get a souvenir coin:-

i. Insert 3 X 10 Baht coins
ii. Choose design
iii. Collect your souvenir coin

*If you want to get another design of coin then wait till machine stop and repeat step 1.

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