Friday, 15 March 2013

My Favorite Angpow 2013

In this post, I would like to share about my favorites angpows that I received during Chinese New Year.

Once Upon a Time (Malaysia Movie)
This angpow is for promoting the movie title “Once Upon a Time”. This movie is a combination of comedy, family values, friendships and relationships

This angpow is a freebie from E-pop magazine which published in year 2012. 

Departmental Store Sdn Bhd
This angpow has 3D touch especially in gold color part.

Mavisco (M) Sdn Bhd
This angpow is  receive from my friend through mail because she knows I am angpow collector.  Her company’s angpow has many designs and all of them are so cute.

This was my first times to get Energizer angpow because before this did not know Energizer also has its own angpow.

Old Town White Coffee
This angpow is in gold color which print with the Chinese word of snake.

SH Communications & Technologies Sdn Bhd
This angpow has a cute God of Wealth.

This angpow is the most special among all the angpows that I received because it made from fabric types.

This angpow has printed the year 2013 with snake. Besides that, it has all 12 zodiacs in cartoon.

During Chinese New Year, I had missed out with some angpow giveaways from Nissan Malaysia and 88 Kopitam (Malaysia Drama). (´Oƪ) 

Hope in next year I will not miss out with any angpow giveaways.  :D

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