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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sibu Instant Kampua

Kampua is a noodle tossed in pork lard or vegetable oil, fried shallots, spring onions and sometimes soy sauce and/or chili sauce. It is available at almost all coffee shops and food stalls in Sibu - Wikipedia

1st November 2014

My sister had bought 2 packets of Kampua from her colleague who just back from Sibu. For me, I had been tried for Kampua in Kuching before.

The next day, my mum cooks Kampua for us for breakfast. 

Cooking Instruction:

1. Cook noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes
2. Drain the noodle until dry
3. Mix the noodle well with seasonings

*You can add the ingredients that you like to your Kampua.

The taste of kampua is nice. The things that you need to pay attention is after cook it, you better finish it directly because the noodle will be dry if you leave for a while to eat it.

As the noodle did not have any preservation so you better consume within 3 months.

My Kampua has barbecue pork, vegetable and egg. 

For the first time, I eat Kampua with original while during second times I had put some soy sauce to my Kampua. I did not put many soy sauce so my Kampua did not has super black color but I can taste has a little bit salty.


  1. Tried this before but I din't add so much ingredients, to me it taste just like other instant noodles, hehe!

    1. Hayley,

      Both of them can be served within few minutes, fast and delicious..Haha..

  2. this kampua very nice! i love it so much :)

    1. 孤傲的王子,

      I saw you blog this before :)

  3. You can prepare white kampua with 酱青 or black kampua with soy sauce. Gonna bring it back to workplace after holiday =)

    1. Baoqiong,

      Thanks for recommendation, next time will try for 酱青 :)


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