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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Vistory Concept

VISTORY is a new brand of illustration with story in life, emotion & inspiration. It’s also a Creative Digital Entertainment and lifestyle product. It conceptualized a uniquely hand illustrated products.

Through Anak Malaysia in Art which shares the art story in Malaysia, I knew about Vistory and found out that the Fanpage has postcard so I private massage to ask about the postcard.

Vistory did sell the “Smile, please” postcard and I also purchase from him. For those who interested can click here to know more about it. I also had been posted the picture of postcard in this blog with title of Wordless Wednesday: Vistory.  

23rd October 2014

I had received the postcard from Vistory safety. 

All the postcards were packed nicely to a plastic bag. 

"Smile, please" postcards
The back of postcard
As the postcards will be send out by me for exchange purpose so I had made a small request from Vist, owner for Vistory Concept to write some words on the postcard for me as my collection (If possible, I will not collect blank postcard).

Vist had told me the story of this postcard which title “Do your side has such person?” The story is about a naughty cat has a little helper who always at its side. No matter the cat how to treat the helper, the helper still at its side to help the cat. Lastly, the cat very appreciate the existence of little helper.

Wish Vist can realize his dream!

Do your side has such person?

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