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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chat Time Café: Mini Wok as Plate

May 2014

My family planned went to Chat Time Café for a dinner and as birthday celebration for dad and little sister. When we went there, we had choose to sit near with door which I super not recommend you to sit there if you have chance to go there as above of that seat has air-conditioner that will leaking few drops of water.  

This café did prepared baby chair so suitable for family dinner or gatherings. You also can enjoy its wifi as password written on a paper near with counter there.

Nasi Goreng Special
The way it presents the food is so special especially for Nasi Goreng Special and noodles that will put on a mini wok and has a bowl that stable it. 

Heong Tai Mihoon
In every dish, you will see has poached egg. Like the dish of Mihoon, the poached egg was at the below of Mihoon. I had ordered Heong Tai Mihoon and the things that I like with this dish was it full of vegetable beside chicken and seafood. 

Tomyam Chicken Rice
If you order Tomyam Chicken Rice, it comes with a plate of rice with a bowl of Tomyam. The taste of Tomyam was sour. Every rice will has poached egg, salad, crackers and a slide of green apple. It is a balance meal.

Butter Chicken Rice
Hot Lemon Tea
July 2014

We went to there again as birthday celebration for my big sister. The purpose we went there was my big sister did not go there before and I want takes a picture of this café as before this I just snap a picture for food.

Heong Tai Mihoon
We went there around 7.15 p.m. and café did not have any customer beside my family. It looks like we had booked for whole café for my sister birthday celebration. Haha.. When we ate for our dinner, customer was keep coming.

Butter Chicken Rice
This time, my dad and mum had turned to order noodle as before this they ordered rice while me turned to order rice as I had tried for Mihoon before.

Tomato Rice with Chicken
For those who like to eat chicken can order for tomato rice with chicken as the chicken was so big. If you dislike chicken so big can order for other rice such as sweet and sour chicken, butter chicken and so on. When order for noodle, you can choose either chicken or seafood. Of course the price will differently charge. 

Watan Mee
This time, I had ordered sweet and sour fish. When it comes, I was happy as it has many vegetable such as cucumber, pepper, tomato and many more. I thought that it will some like my sister’s dish which is butter chicken. The rice portion is so big so after finished it, I was so full. Luckily that this time, I share a drink with my sister.

Sweet & Sour Fish Rice
For those interested to go there for a visit can take a look for the menu that snap by me. Luckily, I had took a photo of menu because on the receipt cannot see what we had eat. 

Chat Time Cafe
Lot 59, Ground Floor,
Jati Commercial Centre,
Jalan Tun Mustapha,

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