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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Postcard DIY: Nail Polish Postcard

Before this, I had saw someone posted picture of drawing with nail polish that made me have an idea of postcard DIY.

I have many nail polishes and seldom to use too. It’s a great idea to use nail polish on postcard.

First, I would like to draw the bottle for nail polish then I draw some line for it.

I draw for 9 nail polishes.

After finished draw nail polish and color the cap of nail polishes, I had taken my nail polishes and start to color with nail polish.

When I want to start color with nail polish, I just noticed that I had more than 9 nail polishes so I draw additional of 3 bottles nail polish.

It has 12 blank nail polishes on my postcard.

It’s time to color with nail polish.

First Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
It was not easy to color with nail polish as the texture of all nail polish was not the same as some sticky, liquidity and many more.

That all for my nail polish postcard that record all my nail polishes that I have.

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