Monday, 1 December 2014

2014-10 Favorite Postcards Received

These two postcards almost neglected because postman put them on my house’s air-condition as my house did not has mail box. Luckily my dad found out these 2 postcards and gave to me. If not, when will them discover? Haha.

Through the Fanpage of DuoLong 9days, I had got a postcard with my own name on it. Before this, I had saw someone posted in Taiwan Exchange Postcard Group that you just need to share the post and will get a written black ink postcard with the Chinese word that you want. This activity is awesome.

This is comic postcard that featuring cat and the little birds.

This postcard is about the cat is thinking about the rice of other cat is more yummy but actually the rice is same. This same applied to some of the people that will think of oversea is better than own country.

This postcard sent by Positive Cow regarding his illustration story exhibition that held on September until October 2014. I like his illustration and hope that in future can visit his exhibition :) 

This postcard is so beautiful that I get from I’m Happyclare. Her Fanpage is about the life of 2 pianists from Vancouver. She told me that she hope that in future can make a performance in Malaysia. Congratulation to she and her husband.

This postcard has a picture of hedgehog which is so cute and the words on postcard means “A day’s princess”.

This postcard has different patterns of birds which looks very nice.

This is Estonia’s map postcard. I did not heard about Estonia before so I had searched online to find more about Estonia. Below is the information that I get from Wikipedia:-

Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the South by Latvia and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia – Wikipedia

This postcard has a story that attracted me which was Yehs share with me that the shrimps are her future and hope of life. When the shrimps were born, they only have not more than 1 cm big, she scared that shrimps cannot grow up or die so every day she worry about them.

After 2 months, when shrimps grew until 3-4 cm big then she will feel more relax. Every time she put shrimps on her hand, she feels that the shrimps are shining with a happy feeling that she did not how to describe. 

Now has Doraemon Expo in Johor until January 2015. I did not go to Doraemon Expo as it is far away from my place. I was so luckly that received Doraemon postcard from Bao Qiong and it also my first Doraemon postcard. I just thinking that will Doraemon Expo come to East Malaysia especially Kota Kinabalu? Haha

At first when I saw of this postcard, I just curious that what the special of this field that can be made to a view on postcard so I had searched online to know about US Cellular Field. It is a baseball park in Chicago which also is the home of the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball’s American League.

I like drawing postcard by Cher with some meaningful words. She said about don’t spend too much time in the things that you cannot take with when the life end, collect love and accompany will be the most expensive treasure in your life.

Last, share with a video < Tour the World > from Renald Francoeur which through video, you can know more than 200 countries. Love the video :)


  1. Glad that u like it~Guess what? I had another postcard for u but i couldn't post it at foreign country, so will post to u maybe tomorrow from my hometown =)

    1. Bao Qiong,

      I am so happy to know that you will post a postcard to me. Thanks :)


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