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Monday, 8 December 2014

MPH Online Bookstore: Return Policy – Defective Book

After my first purchases with, I was quite satisfied with its book and delivery services so from time to time I will search to see the books. 

Usually will charge postage for all the purchases to East Malaysia so if I need to buy books then I need to wait for sale. Now, offer FREE delivery to East Malaysia for all the purchases above RM 50.

After see this great offer, I also spotted a book that I want to buy so as usual I need to buy few books to enjoy the free shipping.

22 August 2014

I had received my book that purchases from When unpack it, I found out that one of the books had some pages torn out which as below:-

Before email to the Customer Service Department, I had search for their website to read for the return policy which as below:-

Return Policy <>

We will accept returns from customers for purchases sent back and received by us within 7 days of receipts of the shipment on the following conditions:-

Incorrect or defective item(s) delivered
The items returned to us in its original condition

We will extend a full refund for the price of any item that fulfills the above requirements. We regret that shipping cost for your purchases will only be refunded if the return had been due to an oversight on our part.

After read the return policy, I wrote an email to Customer Service Department to ask for replacement. After email, I had received a reply from them that Operations Team will investigate on this matter and will revert to me after receiving their confirmation reply.

27 August 2014

I received email from Customer Service Department that they will ask PosLaju to collect the book from me and PosLaju will contact me prior to collection. Then, I need to re-pack the book to prevent further damage during delivery.

For the replacement copy, they will arrange for the delivery as soon as possible and will update me via phone or email once the book are ready for delivery.

5 September 2014

PosLaju had come to my house to collect the book. This is very good as I did not need to go PosLaju to return it.

18 September 2014

After return the damage copy to, I did not receive my replacement copy yet so I write an email to Customer Service Department again. They told me that they did not receive the replacement stocks from the supplier yet.

23 September 2014

I had received email from Customer Service Department that my replacement copy had been delivered and give me the PosLaju’s tracking number.

24 September 2014

Finally, I had received the replacement copy and this time the book is in good condition. Hooray!

MPHOnline is very good in book return services but the whole process take a long time. I hope that next time I will not meet with that problem again.

The books that bought by me had been discounted by 15% discount during the sale which as below:-

As next year will start for GST so I bought for this book to increase my general knowledge about it. This book is very attractive as it has some illustration on it. It did explain some simple guide for GST.

From the exchange activity, I know about Kopitiam series book. This time, I had purchase Kopitiam’s other series of book. At its first book, I just knew that every character in this comic has own style such as an aunt that sell nasi lemak has a chicken wing on her hair, the face of boss like a bread and so on. By read for the earlier series made me know well about the story.


  1. Oh, that GST book looks interesting. I think we should all read up on it since it's gonna be implemented soon, and illustrated books will make it easier and more fun to understand. :D Thank you for blogging about the MPH return process too. It was very helpful ^^

    1. LauraLeia,

      We must prepare ourselves before implementation of GST. Thanks for commenting :)


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