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Thursday, 18 December 2014

International Gift Exchange with Grace

Grace (Singapore blogger) had posted an International Gift Exchange activity that open for those who are not a resident of Singapore. To join for it, you just have to send to Grace a gift that is made in your country and she will send to you one from Singapore.

Before this, I had joined for gift exchange with Hanna and Irene which mainly on stationery. Now the exchange is the gift that made from Malaysia. For this exchange, I had went to handcraft center or stall to look for any gift that made from Malaysia and it would be good that has printed the word of “Labuan”.

Before this exchange activity, I did not ever go to handcraft center or stalls because those places usually are tourist spot while I am local. The things that printed “Labuan” words are limited. The things that made me surprise during visit to handcraft center is a Guess brand pouch that printed “Labuan”. That pouch also can be considered as made in Malaysia with the word of “Labuan”?  So weird!

Now, take a look for the gift that I prepared for Grace.

I had gone to Tourism Center to take “Explore Labuan” brochure. I wish to get an English version but it was out of stock so I just took for the Chinese version. I also had seen that it has Japanese version.

This “Visit Malaysia 2014” badge also took from Tourism Center.

I knew that Grace is Hello Kitty lover so I had bought her a Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel. This is not made in Malaysia. Haha..I just bought to her as I knew that she will like it.

This set of mini mugs will be the gift that made in Malaysia as it has printed the places in Labuan which I found interesting and cute. Surprise that this set of mugs were not finding in handcraft center or stall but found in Supermarket.

The close views of 2 mini mugs.

“I Love Labuan” bracelet was bought from handcraft center which I saw that it is nice.

I had written some massage to Grace in this chewing gum card. Interesting right?

After bought the gift, it’s time to wrapping. I had chosen a box to fill in all the things as I scared that the strawberry sticks will crushed during the delivery.

After fill in all the things to a box, I had wrapping the box with Hello Kitty plastic and send out at the next day.

Now, take a look for the gift that sent from Grace.

Grace had sent to me a Meiji’s Hello Panda biscuits with a bunny keychain.

Sadly that the biscuit was crushed when I opened it :(

Grace thought that the bubble wrap envelope will prevent the biscuit from getting crushed and the real was it does not work. It’s ok as I knew that it was not Grace’s fault.

I like the bunny keychain as it is fat and cute.

On the back of envelope has an illustration from Grace. Nice!

Ignore with the number as my sister using my envelope for some calculation. Haha..

Last, Grace had blogged out the Gift Exchange with me which you can click here to read it.

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