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Friday, 12 December 2014

Nichakarn Massage & House


When go Thailand, many people will try for Thai massage as it is cheap and has variety of massage for you to choose for. I ever saw had tomato massage..Wow..

After finished our dinner at food stall, we went around and saw has one friendly woman ask for message. Then we looked for the price with services and planned to try for it. I had tried for foot message (200 Baht) whiles some of my friends try for body massage.

 As we just finished our dinner so the woman did not recommend us to do full body massage with oil. Then the body massage that done by my friends is cover by cloth, not naked. Haha..

Pic Credit: Tiny Boo Boo
When surf for more information about this massage house, I had saw blogger Tiny Boo Boo has put the price list of massage which I had been forget to take photo of so I use her picture in my blog post for your references. In her post, she had been told by the owner that this massage house has 3 shops in Krabi.

When massage, you can online with your handphone as this shop provides free Wifi but I did not online as I cannot concentrate during massage.

I was doing foot massage with one of my friends and he was started early few minutes than me so I can knew what the next massage step that will be done for me. When I saw the message that done to he looks painful then I will asked for his feeling and I will get prepare with it. Haha..

It was my first time to massage so I keep laughing because feels itchy than painful. This foot massage did not painful at all. When the shop getting more and more people came for massage then I tried to control myself for laughing. If not, others will feel weird that has one girl kept laughing at there.

For the body massage, I had heard of my friends that the staff will sit on your back during massage. Don’t worry that your bone will be break down as the staff is small in size and they only sit for a while and not all the times.

During massage, the friendly woman had promoted to us some island hoping package and restaurant. We decline her offer as we are flying to Bangkok by tomorrow so did not have time to try for it.

After 40 minutes, my foot massage finally ended with shoulder massage. During massage, the staff had used oil for massage but the oil was easily absorbed to skin so I did not feel any oily on my foot after massage.

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