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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kiehl’s Samples: Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 & Lip Balm #1

Hearing brand of Kiehl’s had been sometime through beauty blog as in my place did not has Kiehl’s retail stores so I did not use it before until recently I had get the samples to try for.

Kiehl’s is an America cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in making premium, skin, hair and body care products. It founded as a single pharmacy at Third Avenue and East 13th Street in 1851. Kiehl’s was purchased by the L’Oreal Group in 2000 and currently has more than 250 retail stores worldwide – Wikipedia

Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 (5ml)

This sunscreen helps to protect against pigmentation, irregularities and premature skin aging. This sunscreen suitable for sensitive person as it is an oil-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free lightweight formula that enhances with Vitamin E to protect against 90% skin aging.

How to use:-
Apply in the morning after your daily skincare routine.
Remember to avoid eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.
Reapply often and after swimming, bathing or sweating.

I like the texture of this sunscreen as it is not oily and sticky at all every time I applied it. This sunscreen comes with white creamy color that absorb and blend well with my skin so after applied it, you will not see the white cream as it already fully absorbed to skin. Besides that, it did not have any regular sunscreen scent behind after application.  

Lip Balm #1 (15ml)

This lip balm is Kiehl’s classic and #1 bestseller soothing lip since 1969 which has function as below:-

a. Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips.
b. Helps protect lips from the drying effect of wind and cold weather.
c. It formulated with soothing emollients Squalane, Lanolin and Sweet Almond Oil as well as Vitamin A and E.

How to use:-
Apply liberally and allow an excess of the balm to be absorbed.
Remember stop to use it if skin rash occurs.

It is a liquidity lip balm with light pear scent. This lip balm contains SPF 4 which is good for sun protection as many people will neglect sun protection for lip. As I work in air-condition room so every day I will apply lip balm before go to work. It did moisturize my lip. Remember to drink more water beside apply lip balm.

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