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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Lighthouses of Malaysia (Series 2)

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

Throughout Peninsular Malaysia's 2,068 kilometers of coastline, there are 11 lighthouses operating to provide guidance for navigation. According to the Marine Department of Malaysia, a lighthouse is defined as " a permanent structure constructed on a prominent location, with a light at the top to provide guidance for navigation, and a building to accommodate supporting equipment and living spaces." The lighthouses are managed by the Marine Department of Malaysia and supported by the Light Deus Board.

I purchased this series of postcard in Pos office by 1 set RM 4.00.

(Source: Pos Malaysia

One Fathom Bank, Selangor

It is actually the 4th lighthouse to be built in the vicinity of the sandbank. Completed in 1998. 

Pulau Angsa, Selangor

It is located on a small island by the same name about 40 km northwest of Port Klang. Built in 1887.

Fort Cornwallis, Pulau Pinang

Established in 1882, it initially comprised of a tall mast with a signal beacon at the top.

Pulau Rimau, Pulau Pinang

It is located on a small island on the southeast corner of Penang island, off the coast of Permatang Damar Laut and built by the British in 1885.

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