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Thursday, 25 December 2014

My Drawing Postcard: Merry Christmas 2014

At first, I did not think that I will draw a Christmas postcard for exchange purpose but I had joined for a Christmas Postcard Exchange activity that the receiver wish to get a handmade postcard so from that time, I try to figure out the idea.

I had online search for the drawing of Santa Claus and found the easy drawing to draw on my postcard.

Like usual will sketch by pencils.

After that, will followed by black pen and ease the pencil’s mark.

It’s time for coloring which I using watercolor marker as I did not has good skill in handle watercolor so watercolor marker is easy.

That all for my drawing postcard and I was very satisfied with my drawing which is so cute. Haha..Praise myself.. Hope the receiver will like it.

Merry Christmas !!!

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