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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Island Hoping: Phi Phi Island

Our hotel package includes one trip to islands which is Phi Phi Island or 4 Islands (Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave) or Hong Island. Last, we had chosen for Phi Phi Island as it is very famous.

The island hoping packages was included hotel transfer, mask/snorkel, life jacket, fresh fruits, drinking water, lunch in restaurant, first aid kit, professional guide and entrance fee with insurance.

04 July 2014 (Friday)

Around 8.30 a.m., we wait for transport to island hoping. Before this, we did get a towel from lobby for use when we get wet and sun protection as the towel is quite thick. We need to pay deposit for 100 Baht (refundable) in order to get the towel.

Lohsamah Bay: Enjoy the colorful fish and coral.
Pileh Bay: Sightseeing a fantastic lagoon.
Monkey Bay: Snorkel and exploring.
Maya Bay: Stunning location for the Hollywood film “The Beach”.
Viking Cave: Photography and sightseeing.
Phi Phi Don Island: Restaurant lunch
Bamboo Island: Explore the coral and the beach

On the bus
In hotel lobby, have many tourists whose include us waiting for bus to come. In bus, I found out that the window of bus did not have mirror so if raining the water will spill you. After less than 10 minutes, the bus arrived and we must walk for some distance to reach at beach.

Our boat number 8
At the beach, we had been divided into few groups for boat transport. My friends and I took the boat number 8. After that, we went to the boat. Before go in the boat, the staff will require you to take off your slipper and wash your slipper in the sea because they want to keep clean in boat.

Gathering before go to boat 
When it’s my turn to get into the boat, I cannot step into the boat like others. Then, the staff told me that I can use stairs. Haha.. My leg is too short. In the boat, I had met with Beauty Blogger, Charmaine with her husband. Through her social media, I just knew that they came to Krabi for honeymoon.

On the way to boat
In the boat, you can get free mineral water. From Krabi to the island, it takes around 40 minutes to arrive. That day, the wave was big that the boat keep hit with the wave. Based on my taking boat experiences, it was my first time feel uncomfortable in the boat as the wave is big. When the boat hit with the wave, you will feel jump a while in the boat. For those sit in front of boat will have big feeling and big jump when wave met with boat. 

On the boat
Free mineral waters
First stop at Phi Phi National Park, we had given around 40 minutes to go around at this island. The beach is so beautiful and the sea is so clear without any pollution. I did not play with the water as I did not know how to swim. I just step on the sea which the water level is low. We (two of us who did not know how to swim) hand in hand to play with water.

Phi Phi National Park
Slowly, we moved to deeper water and unluckily that a wave come on and both of us cannot control and fall into the sea. When I fall in the water, I was drowning as I did not know how to swim and nearby did not have anything that I can catch or hold to. I had experience with drown before so I quite scared with it. Luckily, Mark and Ena saw it and came to save us. Both of them are good swimmer. If not, I also did not know what will happen next.

Swimming & snorkeling
After the National Park, the sky was starting raining and we required to put on the safety jacket for safety purpose.

Sky become dark
The rain was get smaller when we at the middle of the sea so continue with snorkeling activity. As the snorkeling is at the middle of the sea then I think that only good swimmer can snorkeling while for those who did not how to swim also can snorkeling but it is good with accompany of good swimmer and life jacket. I saw that many people did enjoy for the snorkeling.

The boat that near with my boat
After snorkeling, the boat took us to see around the beautiful caves. I did not pay attention for the introduction from Guide as I busy took picture of those caves. All of the caves are so beautiful. 

Nice view
Beautiful view
The water is so clear
At Monkey Bay, I did saw lots of monkey playing around. I also saw a couple (did not same boat with us) took picture with the monkeys. They were so brave as they did not scared attack from monkeys. I think that couple was rent a private boat to take them here.

Monkeys on island
Tourists take photo with monkey
Private boat
We were having our lunch at Phi Phi Island. We need to walk for some distance to reach at eating hall. The lunch is at buffet style. At the hall has one small shop that selling snacks and souvenir. Many people came to this shop to buy for ice-cream for dessert after finished lunch. As I saw this shop has sell postcard so I did ask for stamps in this shop but they did not sell it. 

Food stall
Beautiful decoration
Lunch time!
Queue up to take food
My lunch
After lunch, the snorkeling activity started again at other part of sea. This time, they can saw Nemo Fish, a type of clownfish. While others were snorkeling, I went to the front of the boat and seen a child was giving some bread to fish. Then all the fishes grab for the food.


Last, we did not go to Maya Bay as the wave was so rough. On the way to Krabi, we did served with fresh fruits. After eating fruits, the boat driver play with us by made the sea water splash on us so I keep myself cover with the towel.

My island hoping buddies
The island hoping is fun especially you know how to swim or snorkeling. Like me who did not know how to swim also enjoy with this trip as attracted by beautiful view.


  1. Hi J-Mei.. Long time i did't come here.. by the way what a beautiful place in Phi Phi island.. i wish i can be there with my friend to.. :D

    1. Time Traveller,

      Phi Phi Island really beautiful. You can start planning with your friends to Phi Phi Island by next year :D

  2. Hi J-Mei. nice to meet u.. actually in March 2015, i n husband go to aonang krabi.. can i ask u something.. this package for phi phi island & 4 island which is better? and how much the package for per person? thanks dear.

    1. Jueliza Jamani,

      Nice to meet you too. I did not go to 4 islands so I cannot do a comparison that which one better. My island hoping was included in hotel package.

      I had one of the island hoping brochure in my hand stated that Phi Phi Island 1,800 Baht while 4 islands 1,200 Baht. Hope it will as a guideline for you. At Aonang there have many travel agents that you can go there to survey and negotiate the price.


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