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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kuching Foods

Sin Lian Shin @ 成联新

Kolo mee with red sauce
It consist of flash-boiled egg noodles and then served with garlic, shallots, minced pork, white vinegar and topped with sliced barbecue pork. It is different with the kolo mee that I eat before because it has sweet red sauce.

Premier 101 Food Court

Gong Pia
Toasted sesame bun with minced meat.

Tomato mee
Crispy noodles served with tomato sauce, vegetables and meat

Oyster pancake

ABC Special
Red beans, sweet corns, fruits and evaporated milk are drizzled over the shaved ice.

Sambal kuey teow
Kuey teow with chili based sauce (condiment).

Cha kueh
A radish cake made of fried carrots that are sliced into cubes. (It has 3 tastes which is sweet, spicy and salty)

Pork satay
Satay is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce.

Chong Choon Café @ 泉春茶室

Mee jawa 

Mee jawa special
Noodle dish served with a moderately spicy and sweet gravy.

Laksa Sarawak
Spicy coconut prawn paste-based broth served with rice vermicelli, chicken strips, prawns and sliced deep fried tofu.

3 layer milk tea
Its three layers are made up of (top to bottom) tea, evaporated milk and Gula Melaka (Palm sugar) syrup.

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre

Honey tea lemon with sea coconut

Belacan mee hoon
It serves with rice vermicelli, cuttle fish, chili paste, sweet sauce and belacan (shrimp sauce).

Gong pia
Siow Be
Steamed pork dumplings

Squid with Kangkong
It just like hot salad consists of kangkong (a type of water vegetable) and squid topped with sweet dark sauce, sesame and peanut.

Noodle Descendents @ 面家汤

Noodle with soup (meat, seaweed and sour vegetable).

Foo Chow Café

Zao cai hong @ 糟菜粉
Zao Cai is basically mustard greens preserved with those remnants red rice. This dish is a bowl of soup noodels with Fen Gan, a thick type of rice vermicelli. The taste of this dish is sour.

Gan pua mee (white)
Dried noodle with meat

Gan pua mee (black/kicap)
Dried noodle with meat and black sauce.

Joy Corner (near Tune Hotel)


Pork leg rice


  1. Wow! You are really hardworking to list out all the food items in Kuching.


    1. Hi Dory,
      List down the food will easy for me to hunt for them in future Kuching trip :)


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