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Friday, 8 August 2014

Barter System: Postcard Exchange with Book

Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money – Wikipedia

Do you ever try for barter system? I know that this system only applicable for long time ago but I had experiences with this barter system on October 2013. 

Glue Kopitam had organized an activity that he will exchange his books with you and you need to state down what thing you would like to offer to him in order to get the book.  At that time, I have no idea what to offer so lastly I offer to him a Labuan postcard that introduce some travel places in Labuan.

At the end of activity, I was so lucky as I am one of the persons that can exchange with him. The example of other offers such as “Good Morning” towel (same as the title of the book that offer), secret, ask he/she any 5 questions and so on. Wow, I just wonder that how they realize it especially for those with uncountable offer. 

Before I won and read this book, I did not know about the author and the book. After read about it, I like this book very much as the story was so funny. The story is all about the life in Kopitiam or café. This story come out with few characters such as Kopitiam Boss, waiter, Sate Sifu, Roti Canai Brother, stingy customer and many more. My mother and sister keep laughing when read for this book.

Author Signature
This story was about “Good Morning” brand towel that like Aladdin lamp that when you rub it, elf will come out and grant you 3 wishes. Read this book to know how waiter utilized his wishes. After the story, this book will follow by short joke comic that happened in Kopitiam.

Last, show you two short jokes comic that I found at Kopitiam Facebook page which as below:-

If you go to Kopitiam Facebook page, you will found out that the way the author communicate with reader also in funny way. 

Kopitiam_GLUE (Author: 长颈)

Kopitiam Series of Books:


  1. Hahahaha!! I've never heard about this before, but the comics are pretty funny. :D Thanks for introducing, will definitely check it out. :D

    1. Laura,

      So happy you likes it :)

      I also try to check out his other series of comics book.

  2. hahaa the last one really funny!

    1. Henry,

      Haha..his comics really funny :D

      Besides his book, you also can find his comic in 《學海》.


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