Monday, 17 February 2014

Christmas Swaps with Helena & Irene

At the end of September 2013, I had made a Christmas swaps with Helena (Germany) & Irene (Finland).  Let take a look for what I had been prepared for them.

I had brought 2 small pouches for me to fill in the small items that brought by me. 

I like to eat Vita C sweets so I also brought it to them for try. It has a little bit sourly that keep me refresh every time eat this.

This is Christmas swap so definitely need to send a Christmas card too. I had selected some cute illustration Christmas cards to be sent. By seeing these Christmas card also feel very happy as this Christmas card bring out feeling of happy, warm and joyful.

I had brought some stationery for them such as cat stick pads, bookmarks with pencils shape, stamp stickers and chewing gum note. I like this chewing gum note so much as you can write some message in it and when your friends open it, they will feel surprise of it. 

As my swap partners are girls so I also brought some accessories for them such as necklace, earrings and hair band. 

I also had includes magnets to them that I brought during travel at Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Sadly to said that the magnet of lovely birds cannot work as it cannot stick on fridge which told by Irene. 

I had included a small Christmas flag inside the parcel for them.

As 2014 would be Visit Malaysia Year so I had went to Tourism office to take 2 copies books for Calender of Events and Festivals for Year 2014 to them for reference. Besides book, I also had included Visit Malaysia 2014 badges to them.

The parcels that sent to Germany and Finland with snail mail cost me RM 50 ++ according to its weight and luckily that the two of parcels safety arrive to Hanna and Irene.

Date of received gift from
Hanna – 11/11/2013
Irene – 27/11/2013


  1. Wow, you have overseas friends~

    1. baoqiong,
      Actually cannot say is my friends because we just talked with each other via FB chat during Christmas swap. After that, we did not get in touch with each other.

  2. 邮费很贵哦~

    1. 诗,

  3. I love the idea of swaping copies books for Calender of Events and Festivals for Year 2014. Maybe I should heading to Tourism office tomorrow too.

    1. Diana,
      Don't forget to get the badges too :)


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