Saturday, 29 November 2014

My Mushroom Postcard

Before talked about my mushroom postcard, I will talk about my inspiration first.


My inspirations come from Bear Ingrid as she (I think she is a girl) has drawn some mini art with Taiwan coins; it was so pretty that you can click here to view her artwork. Besides that, I also knew that Lorraine Loots also had drawn postcards for ants which she is creating a miniature painting every single day.

As I did not expert as those artists so I did not using water color painting while using color pencils with color pens and using Malaysia 50 cents coins rather than 5 cents coins as for me the value of coins below 50 cents are too small so I try for big coins first.

This snail postcard that I received in August also is one of my inspirations as I just knew that snail also can have many characters especially on their shell so I must think outside of the box in order to draw something.

My Mushroom Postcard

First draw the circles by using 50 cents on the blank postcard first.

The reason I choose to draw mushroom as I think that mushroom is easy to draw while mushroom also can has many designs too. 


I am using pencils to draw first and followed by black pen.

While after coloring the mushroom, I will start to color the circle in mushroom by using color pencils.

After finished all the coloring, it’s time to erase all the circles that had been drawn.

It was done!

My drawing postcard is not so beautiful but I very satisfied with my work. The things that need to improve in future will be when draw with pencils, just draw in light so that when I draw in mistake, the postcard will not have pencil’s mark.

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