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Vietnam Trip 2017: Chu Chi Tunnel

23rd February 2017 (Thursday)

Around 7:30am, we reached Vietsea Tourist Co Ltd. As the tour started at 8:00am, therefore I went to roadside first to record the traffic in Ho Chi Minh especially the motorcycles which are countless.  When record video, I saw a foreigner guy also took picture of traffic.  The video as below:-

After record, I looked back my video at one side. The foreigner guy came and asked me whether want take picture with the traffic and I said “yes”. After my turn, it’s his turn, I also helped him to take picture. The timing is great when I took his picture because the motorcycles are many (traffic light from red to green) but for my picture, erm….no so good.

The package which I bought from Vietsea Tourist Co Ltd was 105,000 VND which no include entrance fee 110,000 VND. Around 8:00 am, the tour guide asked us to follow him to another tour company to gather another batch of tourist. At last, we wait at roadside for the bus.

Before go into the bus, we must followed a girl who holding a plat number of our bus (51B-15436). It is free seated.

In the bus, tour guide speaks in English with some simple explanation about Ho Chi Minh and Chu Chi Tunnel tour. You will get a bottle of mineral water in bus. I feel sleepy inside the bus. When want reach the first stop, the tour guide said in gently, “Wake up, wake up, honey…” Haha..

Our first stop was visiting Handicapped Handicraft and can go for washroom as later the bus will not stop until reach Chu Chi Tunnel. Inside washroom has a small donation box which you can donate some money for handicapped people. If not, also can buy souvenirs which made by them.

You can see the process of an art which made by egg shell. Unbelievable! The art is so beautiful but quite expensive.

Before went to Chu Chi Tunnel, we went to National Defence Sport Shooting Range. In our bus has some people would like to try for shooting. The fee for shooting also quite expensive but is a good experience. The sound from the shooting is big which I dislike so I did not watch.

Before the tour start in Ho Chi Minh, tour guide did advise to apply mosquitoes repellent. I did not apply when go into forest. Luckily I did not get mosquitoes bites. Hehe..

The tunnels of Chu Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi District and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country. The tunnels were used by Viet Cong soldiers as hiding spots during combat as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapons caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters.

It has 2 different tunnel display sites which are Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc. The Ben Duoc Site contains part of the original tunnel system while the Ben Dinh Site closer to Saigon has tunnel reconstructions and some tunnels have been made larger to accommodate the largest size of Western tourists.

My tour guide brings us to Ben Duoc Site to experience the tunnels.

How can Vietnamese soldiers identify who is friend and enemy? Answer is by the smell. The Vietnamese soldiers were wearing sandals type so their foot will not have smell while enemy usually wear boots so it will have bad smell after wear for few days.

This is “Peace column” of “Peace prayer for World” organization. It has a same one in War Remnants Museum which planted on 22 February 2004.

The boom shell that leave during the war.

Before go into tunnels, we been sat in a cottage to listen the explanation or story for the tunnels. All tunnels were done by hand because that time did not have any technology to help them. Tour guide advised to put the bag in front for you to easy go in tunnels.

It has some tunnels which you can try to go in.  For the first tunnel, I did go in to see. When I at inside of tunnel, it is so dark therefore I took out my hand phone from bag and turn the light on so that I can know the way to go further. When I really went in tunnel, impossible you can walk unless is a kid, need to crawl or squat. When squat and walk, I saw tour guide was using small touch light to guide us.  

For every tunnel, tour guide will explain and demonstrate first before all of us try it. Of course, it is not compulsory for you to try but you can choose or try all of them.

During the war, Vietnamese stayed in tunnel for 2 weeks. I felt impressed with them because inside of tunnel has kitchen, meeting room, hospital and many more, how clever they are. At the same time, I felt pity with them because stay in such place.

Vietnamese also do some traps for their enemy. Once you step in sure dead. The trap are camouflaged and cannot be detected.

A booby trap with punji sticks.

The next day, I feel so pain on my thigh.  I felt very painful when go up and down stairs. I think maybe I was using wrong muscle when squat and walk.

To avoid enemy know their tunnel, they hide it very well. They used branches as a symbol for traps and tunnels.

At the end of tour, all of us been rewarded to eat sweet potato with sugar. All of us were very hungry because before this done some activities of visiting tunnels.

Before eating must wash the hand, the way it designs is special with the bamboo..

It is gallery for you to see the pictures of tunnels.

It also has a souvenir shop for you to buy some souvenirs. Even the Vietnamese soldiers’ sandals also have. 

When back, it has 2 stations to drop you which is War Remnants Museum and Pham Ngu Lao office.  I chose for War Remnants Museum.

The name card of Vietsea Tourist Co Ltd as below:-

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