Friday, 28 April 2017

Chinese New Year Card 2017

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It was quite surprised to receive Chinese New Year card from my friend, Y.Sze.  The card is so special because at the cover has rooster bookmark. Beside card, she included a Taiwan postcard which she would like to send to me during her Taiwan trip. As she forgot my address so lastly did not send from Taiwan.

This is Maxicard which designed by my postcard friend, Jacky with Chinese New Year stamp.  He is so talent in art.

This is Zentangle of Rooster and it is very beautiful with black and white lines. It sent by W.Mun.

This is Chinese New Year handmade postcard which done by Daphne.  This year is Rooster Year so she put some Rooster idioms on the postcard with some washi tape and stickers, so creative.

This is also handmade postcard which done by S.Fen during her Japan trip. In Japan really has many stamping for you to DIY especially Rooster stamping in this year.

This year, I also received postcard from Dragon812715. On the back of postcard have 2 stamps (monkey and rooster) with beautiful stamp mark.

I saw many people are using washi tape to decorate a girl, it is beautiful. This was my first time to receive Chinese words in washi tape postcard. It is difficult to do it and Sylvain done it perfectly.

Xin Yu hand draws a Rooster cute couple postcard to me. If looks properly, you will the small different between this couple.

Y.Chuin sent her handmade little chick to me with the name of “Ji” (Miracle).  It is so cute!

Sherry sent her handmade origami to me.  The hen is so beautiful and it’s look like it’s from Japan. Haha..

C.Ee sent me her handmade card to me. At some part of the card has 3D effect and it is cute! Beside card, she also sent me some angpows.

I was so appreciate to receive so many Chinese New Year wishes from friends although most of us knew each other through online.

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