Saturday, 22 April 2017

Vietnam Food 2017: Nguyen Trung

23rd February 2017 (Thursday)

Come Vietnam must try for coffee. My first sip of coffee in Ho Chi Minh was at here.  Cititel Boutique Ben Thanh Hotel is using the coffee of Nguyen Trung (G7 Instant) which can found in room.  It has many branches in Ho Chi Minh and the one I went was near with Ben Thanh Market.

The environment in this coffee shop is nice and beautiful.

I ordered Ice Trung Nguyen Coffee which cost me 81,000 VND.  My drip brewed coffee cannot see what inside of it which is different from the one I saw on book. I think maybe I order for ice than hot. Before the coffee served, ice tea served first.  

I wait for the coffee finish drip and pour some into glass which has ice in it. It taste very bitter but smell good. 

Coarsely ground beans go into a French drip filter (called a phin) which sits on top of the cup. The beans are weighted down with a thin lid, hot water is added to the phin then the water slowly trickles through into the cup- A Guide to Vietnamese Coffee

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