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Vietnam Food 2017: Mon Hue Restaurant

22nd February 2017 (Wednesday)

My first dinner in Ho Chi Minh was at Mon Hue Restaurant.

Mon Hue is brand of fast-casual, sit-down restaurants offers healthy and authentic royal Vietnamese cuisine, known locally as Hue food, to the masses using secret family recipes. Emphasizing taste, food safety and direct food sourcing, the affordably priced Mon Hue menu has over 50 signature dishes- more than sufficient to satiate different palates and encourage repeat visits. It open daily from 6am to 11pm, each of 60 Mon Hue Restaurant at present is strategically located in areas of Ho Chi Minh.

I ordered Hue Vegetarian Noodle Soup (50,000 VND). The soup is nice and I like it although it's look tasteless. When served noodle soup, it will come together with fragrance vegetable. I added the bean spout but not fragrance vegetable.

Vietnam version of 3 layers pork which did not have soy sauce.

This is Vietnamese Vegetarian Fried Spring Roll. My friends said the spring roll is delicious.

Steamed Rice Pancake with Shrimp or Banh Beo Hue (50,000 VND) has 12 small plates of steam rice pancakes. I tried for 2 pancakes. First, I directly eat it without adding the fish sauce, it is tasteless. Then, I added fish sauce inside it and eat, it is mixed well and delicious.

Outside of this restaurant has a guy who wears like security guard will invite you to here for dinner. I just curious that is he is a security guard?  Hehe.. You can surfing internet at here because it provide FREE WiFi.

If you like to enjoy the night view can go for upstairs because I just knew it when I sat down for a while.

Mon Hue
201 De Tham- P.Pham Ngu Lao
District 1,
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Website: Mon Hue
Facebook: Nha Hang Mon Hue

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