Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Denda Stamp with Postmark

In last year, Uncle Benjamin who is stamp collector asked me to help him do a favor. His friend from Macau will send letters to me. When I receive the letter, I need paste the denda stamp or penalty stamp on the envelope and get the postmark from post office. The purpose is his friend collect postmark for all states in Malaysia and I am helping him for Labuan postmark.

I am not sure how many days for the letters from Macau to my place. After few weeks, I received 2 red envelopes while 12 normal envelopes sent from Macau, not yet receive.

In January 2017, Uncle told me that his friend will resend the 12 envelopes to me because it seems lost because until January, I still did not receive it.

After few days his friend sent out the envelopes, on the same time I received the 12 envelopes. Wah, it seems like take around 1 month to reach. Therefore Uncle asked me stamped the envelopes first while the on the way envelopes send back to him when receive.

After paste all the denda stamps at house, I took all the envelopes to post office for stamping at next morning. I asked the staff to help me stamping but he stamped on the letters, not on the denda stamp. I told Uncle about it and he asked me to stamp again on the stamp.

I planned go to post office at next day but Uncle told me that post office wont stamp it at tomorrow because on a letter cannot has 2 dates. Therefore during lunch time, I went to post office. At first, I quite scared to go there again because in the morning, the staff seems unhappy and luckily in the afternoon is a girl. Finally it done!

Above is story for envelopes, now is story for postcard. Uncle did not want to get the postmark by send out the postcard from here. Therefore I need take the postcard to stamp on it. The post office staff did not stamp on the stamp.

When went for 2nd time, I request for it. Staff told me that if they stamp on the stamp and the postcard did not send. Staff scared that the sender will compliant with post office that stamped postcard did not send out.

This task seems easy but when does but it’s not easy at all. I do received Rooster Maxicards as an appreciation from Macau.

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