Friday, 14 April 2017

Vietnam Food 2017: Lau De Bau Sen (君建菜馆一店)

24th February 2017 (Friday)

My friend would like to try goat hotpot therefore we went to Lau De Bau Sen. We had been asked to eat at upstairs which has air-conditioned room.

We ordered a pot of goat meat steamboat.  On the table has some side dish for you to add in such as noodle, vegetable, mushroom, dried bean curd. You can control the fire by self.

Inside of the steamboat have goat meat and some vegetable such as lotus, yam and others.

Beside District 5, it has branches in District 11 (Lau De Phung Nguyen). For me, this shop is not easy to find.  The address for District 11 as below:-

Lau De Bau Sen
132 Le Hong Phong,
P.3, Q.5, TP. Ho Chi Minh,
Tel: 08-3923 4132 or 08-3838 0506

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