Monday, 3 April 2017

Vietnam Food 2017: Bac Ha Pho Mien

23rd February 2017 (Thursday)

Pho is popular dish in Vietnam and can be finding in everywhere.  It sound “Fur” with ignores the “r” when read it.  Pho is rice noodle soup.

For me, pho usually served with unknown vegetables. It has fragrance when eat it and I not so like with this type of vegetable. I ordered rice noodle soup with chicken leg (Pho ga dui) which cost me 60,000 VND.

This is bowl soup with two eggs with price of 15,000 VND.

I found out that the noodle soup or Pho in Vietnam are very delicious and same taste, no matter where are you eat. Do you agree? Hehe…

Bac Ha Pho Mien
81 Nguyen Du, P. Ben Thanh, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh,
Tel: 0903 175 873 -0938 686 949

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