Thursday, 27 April 2017

2017-02 & 2017-03 Favorite Postcards Received

My Postcrossing ranking for February & March 2017 as below:-
On 62nd most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 61st (Feb) 58th (Mar) longest distance sent from Malaysia

My Matriculation friend sent me this postcard. Sadly that she did not write anything on the postcard as she posted via post express.

Shu Fen sent me this Macau stamp mark postcard which I just knew that post office in Macau has stamp mark.

The Chibi Maruko postcard is super cute! In Hong Kong has a Chibi Maruko shop *Wink*

I was so surprised to receive Japan postcard from Twilight Man which I knew from blog. At the back of postcard has Sapporo stamp mark which is so cute!

I never had been to India before, when looks at this postcard, the hotel in India seems grand like palace. It is The Royal Placa in New Delhi.

This Christmas postcard is so big with polar bear shape is cute.

For those who like sewing sure will like this rooster postcard. This postcard seems like a guideline.

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