Sunday, 16 April 2017

Vietnam Food 2017: Pho Hai Thien

24th February 2017 (Friday)

The Pho in this shop is so special because it has color which done by naturally, no artificial.

In this few days, I had tried for Pho in soup. In this shop has dried Pho so I ordered one (Mixed Dried Pho with Chicken- 55,000 VND) to taste it. It tastes good with its own sauce.  My noodle has 2 colors which are purple and orange.

I also ordered Vegetarian Rolled Pho (45,000 VND). I not sure whether many people order it or it’s take long time to do it. After finished my Pho, the Vegetarian Rolled Pho still did not come. After wait for few minutes, it had done and delivered on my table. Inside of it has fragrance vegetable which I did not know its name. After mix with sauce (for me, the sauce like Satay Sauce), it is very delicious.

Beside District 1, Pho Hai Thien has branch in District 10 and the address is 370 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Quan 10, TP, HCM.

Pho Hai Thien
14 Bui Vien, Quan 1,
TP Ho Chi Minh.
Tel: 84-8 38361337
Business Hour: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Website: Pho Hai Thien
Facebook: Pho Hai Thien

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