Monday, 17 April 2017

Vietnam Food 2017: Ben Thanh Street Food Market

23rd February 2017 (Thursday)

Ben Thanh Street Food Market is near with Ben Thanh Market. Inside of Ben Thanh Street Food Market has many food stalls. I go around all the food stalls for few times to decide what to eat. All seems delicious.

As I did not try for Banh Mi yet so I ordered chicken thigh meat Banh Mi which cost me 35,000 VND. It is delicious with the sauce.

Beside Banh Mi, I bought spring roll. It has promotion which buys 6 free 1. I chose for all types of spring roll except beef. While finished ate some spring roll, a guy came to ask where to buy the spring roll and I bring him to there as I did not know the name of the stall.

Inside this street food market has street art. You can refill your water for free at there.

You also can go to upstairs for dinning. It has decoration of lantern. The street food market also opens in the morning but the choice of food will be limited because no many stalls open.

Ben Thanh Street Food Market
26-28-30 Thu Khoa Huan,
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Business Hour: 9:00am-11:00pm

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