Monday, 8 February 2016

Manila Food 2015: SM Mega Mall: Komoro Soba Japanese Restaurant

From the word of “SM Mega Mall”, do you know what does “SM” stand for?

SM stands for Shoemart. The history as below:-

SM founded as a shoe store by Henry Sy, Sr, in October 1958 in downtown Manila. Mr. Sy, who is known as the visionary of Philippine retail because of his innovations in the industry, thought of establishing a chain of shoe stores with a store layout and merchandising concepts never before tried in the Philippines. The success of the shoe store led to its expansion as a full line store.

We had shop for a while in SM Mega Mall, the sky getting dark so we need to go back.  Not far from main entrance there has a Japanese restaurant name “Komoro Soba Japanese Restaurant” so we decided to take away meal and eat in hotel because later we also lazy walk to Robinson Place.

Based on online source, Komoro Soba Japanese Restaurant is the first one to spread the concept of “Bento”, Japanese lunch box to the people of Philippines.

I ordered Komoro Bento which can see in “Sweet & Spicy Komoro Series” because it is new series. The bento cost me 136 peso and 7 peso for packaging because I chose for take away.

The bento box comes with macaroni salad, rice, pork, vegetable, miso soup and fruit.

Komoro Soba Japanese Restaurant
Building A, SM Megamall
Julia Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong City

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