Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Drawing Envelopes 2015


In year 2014, I had started draw some Christmas illustrations on white envelopes before send out. In year 2015, I also did the same.

I had drawn birthday cake, balloons and gifts on the envelope before send to my postcard friend for her birthday. Beside draw, I had used stickers and washi tape to decorate it.

Year 2015 was year of goat so I draw a goat on envelope. Besides that, I used the cute pictures on angpow to paste on envelope.

During Christmas, I had drawn penguins busy decorate the Christmas tree on the envelope. Jerry is a primary school student. Hope he will like it.

This was my second time exchange Christmas card with Elaine. This time, I draw a snow man on envelope with some stickers.

Through online, I had seen an easy way to draw angels so I used this idea for my drawing envelopes. It is very easy.  I used smile stickers as the head of angels and draw the body of angels.

I had saw in Facebook post that Safyre, an 8 years old burn victim who lost her family in fire wish for receive Christmas card in these Christmas. Therefore, I had sent a Christmas card for her and hope that she will like it. You can read more about Safyre by click “8-year-old arson survivor finds hope in Christmas cards”.

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