Saturday, 6 February 2016

Manila Food 2015: Greenhills Shopping Center: ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito is a quick-service restaurant specializing in a unique burger + burrito concept. It served American (New) and Mexican dish but you also can see some Philippines dish too.

This restaurant comes with self-service and the staff will call waiting number when the food is ready. Be sure you alert for your waiting number.

The Breakfast set which served with garlic rice, egg and *atchara. I ordered Hungarian Sausage breakfast set which cost me 175 peso. Besides that, I added on hot chocolate for 40 peso.

*Atchara is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya popular in the Philippines. This dish is often served as a side dish or fried or grilled food such as pork barbecue.

In overall, I quite satisfied with this breakfast set except the sausage’s skin has a little bit difficult to bite. In future has chance, I would like to try for their Burrito which is flour tortilla filled with meat, Spanish rice,frijoles, oninons, lettuce and cilantro as it looks delicious.


  1. Oh wow the food looks very good *w*

    1. Sakuranko,

      You should try it when travel to Manila :D


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