Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Manila Food 2015: Robinson Place: Handaan

In Robinson Place has food court which has lots of Philippines cuisine stalls for you to try for. As there are lots of Philippines cuisine stalls, I really took quite lots of time in thinking and choosing my dinner.

In Handaa, it has many dishes for you to choose. I ordered for “Super Loaded Meals” 125 peso which included Sinigang na Baboy, Fried Squid, Pork BBQ, Macaroni Salad and Rice. Sinigang na Baboy is a sour soup which the pork along with vegetables are boiled in a sour broth.

For me, the Sinigang na Baboy really sour. I dislike the fried squid which has a coat of flour. I took the flour away. In overall, I still satisfied with the dish except I found out that the portion of vegetable not so many that make feel a little bit guilty of eating too much meat. Haha

From menu can saw lots of words which we did not know what it about so I had find the meaning via online.

Nilagang Baka: Filipino Boiled Beef Soup (Luckily I did not order for this because I did not eat beef)

Sisig: Sisig is a Kapamgan term which means “to snack on something sour”. It usually refers to fruits, often unripe or half-ripe, sometimes dipped in salt and vinegar. It also refers to a method of prepareing fish and meat, especially pork which is marinated in a sour liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.

Papaitan: Papaitan is a famous Ilacano soup dish mostly composed of cow or goat innards. The name of this dish was derived from the Filipino word “Pait” which means “bitter”. The bitter taste of this soup comes from bile. This is a bitter juice extracted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder to aid disgestion.

Crispy Crablets: Crispy Crablets are seasoned small crabs that were dredged in cornstarch and deep fried until crispy. It is a popular appetizer among Filipinos which often eaten with spicy vinegar dip or any alcoholic beverage. (Based on the word, can guess it is a crab dish)


Chop Suey: It is a dish made up of meat and seafood cooked with different kinds of vegetables. (I just knew that beside Malaysia, Philippines also has Chop Suey)

Sotanghon Soup: Sotanghon known as Cellophane noodles, Chinese vermicelli, Tang Hoon or Glass noodles is a type of transparent noodles which are made out of green beans.

Bicol Express: It is a stew made from long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste, onion, pork and garlic.

Bopis: It is a piquant Philippines dish of pork or beef lungs and heart sautéed in tomatoes, chillies and onions.

Bangus: Philippines grilled milkfish

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