Thursday, 18 February 2016

Personalized Wedding Gift: Obera Design Malaysia

A special day to remember?
Engrave the memorable day 360˚ surround Memorial Engraving

My friend and I would like to give something special for my friend who married on December 2015. We had been searched around and last decided to give red wine bottle engraving because we can put her wedding picture and message on the bottle. We decided to use services from Obera Design Malaysia.

With our own unique design, each product will get its own identity, just like our DNA which makes the difference. There are too many stories nowadays. We always hope to pass them to others, but it always seems that we can’t find an appropriate way.

A gift with a special identity, that’s what Obera doing at the moment. It is more than the bottle engraving. It is a kind of art that can share with your beloved. Under the same service attitude, Obera does the bottle engraving with the same heart feeling- About us

Champagne and Wine Bottle-carving Services Procedures

Check price list in “PRODUCT”- complete submit the order form

It has provided engraving for champagne red wine, whiskey and even wine glass. After choosing the products which you want for engraving, you need to choose for the package that you want. Then fill in the form with all the details.

Make Payment

When you submitted the form, the person in charge will contact you for payment. We deal via WeChat.

Send or post your wine to our company (skip it if using the wine provided by Obera)

Kindly refer to Engraving agreement if choose to use own wine to do the engraving.

Design >> Draft Design >> Engraving

After received your payment, designer will design for your bottle base on the picture and details given. After that will engraving on the bottle.


Normally it will take 5-7 working days to complete the order.


On July 2015, I had submitted the order and being told that the postage around RM 100 ++ to East Malaysia. After discussing with my friend, we decided to cancel the order because the postage was so expensive.

On October 2015, I asked again for the postage because both of us seems cannot find a perfect wedding gift for my friend so we may decide choose for wine engraving.  Surprise that the person in charge told me that postage RM 40/bottle. Therefore I double confirmed with him because the postage suddenly become cheap. He told me that he had deal with GDEX and this is the offer rate given.

As the postage was acceptable for us so we submitted order again. After payment, my order was start for design. After few days, the person in charge sent a final product picture to me. I found out that it was normal picture engraving as I chose for Q-version (cartoon version) picture engraving.

Then, I told the person in charge regarding the picture engraving. He found out that was he mistaking because in order form, I really stated that I want Q-version picture engraving. He wished I took for it and offered me the gift box upgrade to wood gift box for free and extra 5% discount for future purchases.

After discussing with my friend, both of us want for Q-version picture engraving because we want some different. If normal picture engraving, it will show exactly same with picture. This time, we request for see the draft to avoid heart attack if wrong. Haha.. The person in charge told that he can give us sees the draft but cannot amend because the designer charges for each time amendment.

Below is the draft for Q-version picture engraving. After few days, we had received the product safety.

The red wine engraving bottle packed in a nice gift box. The bottle was in good condition. When we gave this gift to my friend, she likes it!

Obera Design Malaysia
Website: Obera
Tel: +6 016 727 3937 or +6 016 668 9835

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