Monday, 22 February 2016

2016-01 Favorite Postcards Received

In January, my Postcrossing ranking as below:-
On 82nd most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 87th longest distance sent from Malaysia

This card is so cute because it can hang on table as a small calendar. At the back of the postcard has a magnet.

One of my friends likes to collect dolphin related postcard. As I had 2 pieces of dolphin postcard so I sent both of postcards to she and she was very happy especially saw my hand drawing of dolphin.

Do you know what I received inside of envelope beside postcard and stickers? The answer is used condom package. OMG! I not sure the sender is purposely or non-purposely. The postcard and stickers are smell good because of the scent from condom package.

This card is so special because it has a cutting word of “Happiness” in Chinese.

This postcard has a short poem. I like the back of the postcard because it has a cute Christmas girl with Santa Claus, Christmas tree and snowman. It has 2D effect because the picture paste on Polystyrene. Creative!

If I have chance to Hong Kong, I would like to try on their transport include this Star Ferry which I usually saw in Hong Kong drama.

Not idea what places can go in Taiwan? You can refer to this hand drawing postcard of Taiwan’s famous places such as Dragon & Tiger Pagoda Kaosiung, Ximen Red House (Taipei), East Gate Hsinchu and many more.

This year is monkey year sure I will receive monkey postcard. Dragon812715 is so nice because every year he will give out his postcard in his blog. On the postcard, he told me that he was very happy saw I fill in the form to get the postcard.

This otter is so cute and enjoyable in bathing. It reminds of me the otters in Bangkok

This Christmas postcard was draw by Dowi (8 years old). This is Christmas tree fingerprint art and drawing by him.

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