Friday, 19 February 2016

For That Day by Low Kay Hwa

It was quite a long time which I did not read for English book. Look like I need to read more in order to improve my English.

The story of this book is so inspirational because it about the stories of Lenny, Yvonne and Jun Hao who are fighting for the cancer. Although they have cancer but they do not fear about it. The story is quite sad because some of them pass away because of cancer.  When read the part of Lenny pass away, I was so sad because Lenny, a small kid who is very kind and caring was died. I cannot accept.   

You can read some parts of this novel by click here.

“Our mind creates fear, not the environment. Many times, we can’t achieve things because fear creates the obstacles, not the world. You understand so far?” --- Page 106

“Happiness equals to reality minus expectation. That being said, if your expectation is lower, you will be happier. Understand?” --- Page 107-108

“if you wanna be happy, lower your expectation. You can never change reality. You can only change your expectation. You don’t need the world’s approval to be happy.” --- Page 108

“Pain is temporary,” she said, “pride is forever”. --- Page 130


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