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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Kundasang Trip May 2014: Rose Garden

On the way back from Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, we had stopped at Rose Garden for a while.

The entrance fee to Rose Garden is RM 2.00 per person while children (5-11 years old) are RM 1. At the counter there has rose for selling. The price of 12 roses around RM 15 was quite cheap compare with florist . Next time can buy at here. My friend’s boyfriend was so romantic bought roses for my friend, so sweet!

In this post, we just enjoy lots of beautiful flower pictures.

Inside of this rose garden have lots of different types of flower which include cactus.

Besides that, the colorful of flowers made this garden looks so beautiful and cheerful.

The times we went, the strawberry was so so small and even in green color.

For those who are flower lover surely will like this place.

The parts which I love the most in this rose garden is cactus because it has lots of cactus such as small, big, fat, slim…haha..very interesting.

The times we backed, the sky was starting raining. Luckily that we safety back to Kota Kinabalu as it is so difficult to see the road when raining. 

 The landmark to find the Rose Garden will be 99 Wholesale Mart.


  1. I remember my last visit to Rose Garden. Certainly beautiful!!

    Can I know where are you from? Orang kk Kah?

    Blog @

    Facebook @ Meitzeu Page

    Twitter @ meitzeu

    1. Meitzeu,

      I am orang Labuan…Hehe..

  2. Sorey do u have contact number this farm,

    1. jiah abdullah,

      Sorry to say that I did not have the contact number.


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