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Monday, 11 May 2015

Cut & Paste Magazine on Postcard

What would you usually do with old magazine?
 Throw it or keep or other suggestion?

If throw the magazine away, it’s a waste so I had think of made a good use of magazine. I cut out the picture or picture with word and paste on the postcard. It is quite challenge because every picture that paste by me has meaning so I did not simply pastes the unrelated picture on postcard then I need keep thinking how to relate my word with magazine’s picture.

So far, I did not see any people cut and paste magazine’s picture on postcard and send out so I also quite worry that receiver cannot accept it. Hope they will like it.

For magazine’s watch picture, I will find a meaningful word of time.

In magazine also have health tips so I cut it out and paste on postcard.

For yoghurt, I find the benefit of yoghurt and write on postcard.  

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