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Monday, 18 May 2015

Advertising Postcard: Taiwan

An advertising postcard is a postcard used for advertising purposes (as opposed to tourism or greeting postcard). Postcards are used in advertising as an alternative to or to complement other print advertising such as catalogs, letters and flyers – Advertising Postcard

In this post, I will share advertising postcards that I received from an exchange with Taiwan friends.

This is a small card which likes a bookmark from Doll House & Miniatures.

This postcard is about International Volunteers Team. They had gone to Cambodia before.

This postcard shows the schedule exhibition of Stock 20 Artists.

This postcard is about the passion of Cameral Band’s members towards pop rock music.

This postcard shows the schedule of camping activities.

This is illustration exhibition postcard from Janet Huang in year 2012.

This postcard is about electricity. If you wish to know more about it, you can click here.

 This is Carry umbrella advertisement.

This is Friend Rabbit Photography to let many people see the beauty of rabbit.

These two postcards are about the concert in Taipei.

This postcard is about Taiwan Alliance to promote civil partnership rights.

This is masking tape activities in Taichung.

This is theater from 2013 Taipei Arts Festival named “Thunderstorm 2.0”.

These 2 postcards are book promotion which offered great deal.

This is exhibition of Chinese Puppet.

This is hotel postcard. The Silks Palace offer promotion to Toroko.

This is the tea gathering of “Memories of Green” and “Little Scenes”.

This is theater named “Juggling & Object.

This is Beauty & the Beast’s theater postcard.

This is afternoon tea’s promotion postcard.

This is movie advertisement of “Look at Me”.

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