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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Kundasang Trip May 2014: Poring Hot Spring

During this Kundasang trip, our first stop was Poring. “Poring” is Kadazandusun word for the bamboo speices growing in the area.

Poring Hot Springs is about 13 kilometers from Ranau or about 40 kilometers from the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters in Kundasang. The hot springs is actually part of the huge Kinabalu National Park. It was first developed by the Japanese during World War II and has progressed gradually to become one of the top tourist destinations amongst foreigners and local alike – Visit Malaysia

After parked the car nicely, we went to ticket counter to purchase ticket.

Entrance Fee (Malaysian)
Adult (18 years old above): RM 3.00
Children (7-17 years old):  RM 1.00
Children (6 years old and below): FREE
Senior Citizen (55 years old above): RM 1.00

Entrance Fee (Non-Malaysian)
Adult (18 years old above): RM 15.00
Children (7-17 years old):  RM 10.00
Children (6 years old and below): FREE
Senior Citizen (55 years old above): RM 10.00

Then, we started walked to hot springs. Beside hot spring, it has butterfly farm, canopy walkaway, waterfall and bat cave for you to explore.

On the way to poring, I had spotted a souvenir center but I did not go in to see. Perhaps next time you can go there to take a look.

Before go to Poring, advise you to bring some vital things such as rubber slippers, extra clothes, towel and swimwear. At there has many bathtubs of Poring Hot Springs.

You even can soak your feet if you don’t want whole body getting wet.

Before or after enjoy Poring Hot Springs, you can change your cloths in changing room.

We just take a look of Poring Hot Springs then we chose to challenge canopy walkway. For those who have acrophobia, think twice before challenge it.

After purchasing the ticket which cost me RM 3.00, we went in and start our journey. For your information that the canopy is over 175 meters long and 41-43 meters in height which is higher than 8 floors building.

First, we need to walk some distance before reach canopy walkaway starting point. It quite tired when walk around.

We like walk in the forest. Be carefully when walked because some place has many stones and steep.

After walk for some distance, we reached canopy walkaway. You need to pay RM 5 if you want to bring your camera to take picture.

Each canopy walkaway is only can occupy maximum 6 persons. Four of us can walk together if did not have any other person. You can enjoy the view from here.

When walk on canopy walkaway, some naughty friends will play around by jump and swing the canopy. It is so fun. Haha..

On the way back, we had been told by the staff that we can take a look Rafflesia (large flower) nearby because this is the time that Rafflesia is blooming. As the price to see the Rafflesia is expensive (RM 20 for each person) so we did not go to see it.

Poring Hot Spring & Reservation
Poring, Ranau,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,
Business Hour: Everyday 7am to 6pm


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