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Kundasang Trip (May 2014) + Convocation (Nov 2014): Labuan >> Kota Kinabalu >> Labuan

In this post, I will share my transportation story into 2 parts which are during Kundasang trip and my sister’s convocation.

Kundasang Trip

At Labuan, I had taken Ferry Express to Kota Kinabalu. It takes around 3 hours to arrive.

During this trip, my friend had asked me to buy 19 boxes of Ferrero Rocher requested by her cousins as wedding’s door gifts because the price in Labuan cheaper compares Sabah and Sarawak. That times a box of Ferrero Rocher cost RM 24 while now around RM 26 which had been increase in price.

Before went in the Ferry Express, all the luggage and bags need to scan first. I had stopped by an immigrant officer because I brought too much chocolate. She told me that every person allows bringing maximum RM 75 of chocolates but I bring around RM 400 so I need to pay 30% tax in order to bring all those chocolate into ferry.

The calculation of tax pay was (the total of chocolate you bought – RM 75) X 30%.

When back to Labuan from Kota Kinabalu, I had took bus from Kota Kinabalu to Menumbok and followed took speed boat to Labuan.

It was my first time to take a double decker bus so surely I choose to sit at the above to enjoy the view.

Air conditioner & light
Above of your seat has air conditioner and light which you can control it by own. The seat is very comfortable. In bus, although has TV to watch but I spent my time to read a book named “The Little Books of Secrets”.

View from bus
After I had found a seat, I had seen an old man sat beside me. After a while, a young man asked for my ticket seat number as he found out that his seat number was number 1. After checking, it’s the old man’s ticket had a little problem because the handwriting seat number on ticket looks like 21p so he thought that was number 1.

When arrived Menumbok, I had went to speed boat counter to buy ticket. It had a long queue because mostly everyone would choose to take speed boat which is faster than taking big ferry. Speed boat one way ticket cost RM 7.50 for Malaysian.

After purchased ticket, I went to waiting hall to wait for calling my speed boat number to get in. After heard of announcement of my speed boat number, I walked into speed boat. Around 40 minutes, I had safety arrived Labuan.  

Pickup & Drop off Airport Bus Station
Airport Bus Time Table
In this Kundasang trip, we had a friend from Kuching to join us so we had gone to airport to fetch her. During waiting, I had spotted that airport did provide a bus to airport which is cheaper than take taxi. It cost RM 5.00 for one way.

My Kundasang Trip 2014 (Kundasang is located at Ranau)
*As time limited so below was the places that managed to go by my friends and I*

Kundasang Trip Suggested by me
Upside Down House >> Poring Hot Springs >> Desa Cattle Dairy Farm >> Rose Garden >> Memorial Park >> Kinabalu Park


During my sister’s convocation, my family and I took big ferry to Menumbok and followed by bus to Kota Kinabalu.

Below is the schedule of the big ferry for your references but I did not sure that whether the schedule had been change or not.

Before went into ferry, we had bought ferry ticket at counter. We had directed to purchase bus ticket Menumbok (RM 18.00) from ferry counter too. The ferry we took was Ferry Wawsan Perdana.

After arrived Menumbok, we took for double decker bus and my family chose to sit at downstair of bus so I also followed them. The seat at downstairs was so limited which is first come first sit theory so if you want to sit at downstairs, better to be fast.

My sister and I sat at the back which only has 5 seats while during the time my father arrived, it only had one seat in front with an Ustaz (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law). My father did not sit with Ustaz because the Ustaz want sit with someone who is Islam than Chinese. This time, a Malay guy sat beside us coming front to sit with Ustaz while my father sat on his seat. When the bus started, the Ustaz keep reading Al-Quran.

During the bus journey, my sister and I watched for The Purge: Anarchy movie which made our heart beat very fast.


  1. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is been mentioned "seem like malaysian version of New Zealand"
    Is it True, Hope for your more sharing about it

    1. Wendy, Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is very beautiful that seem like New Zealand which always seen on TV. Do come back to read my post in next Tuesday.


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