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Monday, 4 May 2015

Drawing Postcard: Sooc Challenge (Yellow theme)

Recently, I was tagged by friends to play Sooc challenge. The game rule as below:-

i. Post anything related to yellow color, at least one picture for one day and post it continuously for 3 days.

ii. DO NOT use filter and cannot edit your pictures.

I cannot find much information related this Sooc challenge, I only noticed that SOOC is “Straight Out of Camera”.

Day 1: Yellow sunflowers and bees
First, I stick smile stickers on postcard then draw sunflower. After that, I draw some bees and stick the cloud washi tape. 

Day 2:  Yellow Ducks
First draw a sea line and followed duck. Then, stick cloud washi tape. Last after coloring, stick some fish stickers at the blue water. 

Day 3: Yellow Giraffe
After draw and color giraffe, I found out that the postcard has many empty space so I stick washi tape at the below of postcard. Then, draw a sun and stick some animals’ stickers.

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