Friday, 8 May 2015

NOZO Lifestyle: Ribba Family Postcard Collection

Do you know who Ribba Family is? They are a gang of happy dreamer which created by character designer, Lois Loo in 2013.

In this post, I will share where can buy these cute Ribba Family postcard collection.

24th February 2015

I had ordered 2 sets of Ribba Family postcard collection from NOZO. Although NOZO has online banking transfer (ipay88) , I cannot use it to pay because the banking transfer has problem. Therefore, I manually online bank transfer to NOZO’s bank account and write down my order number.

NOZO is an ultimate gift store featuring only the best designed and unique handmade items from independent artists and designers all around Malaysia and ASEAN – NOZO

27th February 2015
I had received an email from Natherine (PR & Marketing Manager) to ask for my status of payment and request for bank slip. I just curious that I had write down my order number when bank in, NOZO did not notice it?

I had replied her email with bank slip and told her about the ipay88’s problem.  She replied me that NOZO will upgrade the system to make sure the progress will be smooth and will arrange postcard delivery.

Any problem regarding your order such as bank in details, you can email to Natherine. Her email address is

16th March 2015
I still did not receive the postcard so I email to Natherine to ask for the status. Then she replied me that NOZO had arranged the delivery and maybe there have some issue of it and she will check and update to me.

25th March 2015
I still did not received postcard or any update from Natherine so I email to she again.

30th March 2015
Natherine had called me and told me that the courier service has some problem and she will send again to me as soon as possible.

3rd April 2015
Finally I had received my postcard safety. What a long time to receive it. To see the closer view of Ribba Family postcards, you can click to Wordless Wednesday: Ribba Family.

The Ribba Family postcard collection has 10 illustration postcards which every single character with their dream from Ribba Family.

Ribba Family Postcard Collection
Postcard size: 10.4 X 14.8 cm
Digital print with matt lamination in 260 gsm
2 sided print
Purchase link: NOZO
Price: RM 15.00

Last, I satisfied with the postcard’s quality and hope that the service (ipay88 system & delivery) provided by NOZO will be improved in future so that buyer can enjoy the smooth of services.

No 30-2 Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Website: Nozo World
Facebook: NOZO

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