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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Asatique: Nan Yuan Noodle + Coconut Ice-cream

05 July 2014 (Saturday)

After walk for a while at Asiatique, my friend suggested to having dinner at Nan Yuan Noodle because we can order value set dinner which has noodles with drinks.

Extra order: Shao Mai
All of us had ordered for combo set that cost us 99 Baht. One of my friends had additional order for Shao Mai (pork dumpling). When ordered for the noodle, you can choose want to have either soup or dry type noodle. I choose for soup noodle.

Menu: Combo Set
Menu: Drinks
After we ordered the food, suddenly a China man came to sit beside of our table. When he ordered the food, he was having communication barrier with the staff so one of my friends help him.

Cath: Set A Noodles with Roast Duck + BBQ Red Pork + 1 Bun + 1 Herb Beverage

HK: Set B Noodles with Shrimp Wanton + BBQ Red Pork + 1 Bun + 1 Herb Beverage
Me: Set C Noodles with Shrimp Wanton + Roast Duck + 1 Bun + 1 Herb Beverage

Evon: Set E Fish Ball & Noodles in "Yen Tao Fu" + 1 Bun + 1 Herb Beverage
Herb Beverage
The noodle that comes was in small portion with just few wanton. Inside of wanton have prawns.

NanYuan Noodle
T10, Warehouse 6,
Food circus zone,
Asiatique the Riverfront,
Bangkok, Thailand
Facebook: Nan Yuan Noodle


Coconut Ice-cream

After finished eating our dinner, when we walked for a while, we had seen a shop sell coconut ice-cream so we just brought 2 coconut ice-creams for a tried. The coconut ice-cream that I ate had ice-cream, jelly and peanut.  The coconut ice-cream is yummy.  

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