Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Krabi: Lunch at Roadside

03 July 2014 (Thursday)

 Turn right (Nopparat Thara Beach) and turn left (Ao Nang Beach).
After check in and went to our room to rest for a while, it’s time for us to hunt for food. We had invited our new friends (Mark & Ena) to search for lunch. Just come out from Ananta Burin Resort, it has 2 ways to go around which is turn right (Nopparat Thara Beach) and turn left (Ao Nang Beach). All of us choose to turn left as we had been seeing the view along Nopparat Thara Beach on the way to resort from airport.

Vending machine
When came out from resort, besides shops and money changers, we do spotted instant noodle vending machine and inside of it has pork favor instant noodle. Near with vending machine has a self-service petrol machine.  Go for few steps, you will see some Thai Bank ATM machine at there.

ATM machine
On the way, we had seen many food stalls so we stopped at there to have our lunch.

We ordered some foods to share with each other. The food that we ordered as below:-

Fried Chicken with Chili 80 Baht 
Fried Morning Glory 80 Baht
The morning glory is like Kangkung in Malaysia as I thought that is morning glory (a type of flower).  This dish in Thai says is “Pad Pak Boong” which “Pad” is stir fried while “Pak Boong” is morning glory or water spinach. It usually quickly fried with some garlic and chili.

Chicken with Cashewnut 80 Baht
Besides some vegetable and chicken, we had ordered steam rice (20 Baht) for each of us to eat with the dishes.

When we wait for our food, suddenly, I had been asked by Mark that whether I am a blogger. After heard of his question, I was quick shocked about it as how he knows? Haha.. He answered that he saw I keep take pictures of menu when ordered the food so he think that I want to write a blog post about it.  

After talked of this topic, we also talked about each other and through there, I knew that this couple is future doctor, no wonder Mark is so good in observation. While they were talking, I and another friend had gone to drinks stall to order for a drink. I had ordered a mixed fruit shake that consists of banana, apple and so on.

Mixed Fruit Drink 30 Baht

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