Friday, 28 November 2014

Ananta Burin Resort: The Buddy Restaurant

The Buddy Restaurant is an open air restaurant. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our hotel package was included free breakfast so in these 2 days, we were having breakfast in this restaurant with breakfast coupon. The breakfast starts at 7 a.m. and in buffet style.

In these 2 days, this restaurant did provide different food for us to eat so don’t worry will get bored about the food. Example fried rice and toast in first day while steam rice and waffle in the next day. 

In here, you can enjoy Thai food for breakfast such as Basil Chicken that Basil is a plant that looks like peppermint. You also can request egg for different cook by pay for 50 baht.

My breakfast
My breakfast
In first day of breakfast, we did experience blackout and luckily that this restaurant is open area so we still can enjoy breakfast with sun light. If not, we need to have candle breakfast. Haha..

During these 2 days breakfast, I like with its salad sauce that make the food so delicious and I had retake this salad for few times.

Salad area
My salad
The fresh fruit is the hot sale as they are very fast to be finish but don’t worry as staff will refill it as soon as possible.

Fruits area
 You can bake some bread by yourself.

Bread Corner
Drinks corner
Drinks corner

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